Macris School is a Catholic, bilingual institution that seeks to develop students who are both academically and spiritually prepared to excel in higher education and who are dedicated to lifelong learning and leaders positive change.


Macris School is a private, bilingual and Catholic school in Tegucigalpa. Initially established as a pre-school in 1975, a new stage was set forth by opening the elementary school in 1985, which began with 64 students and four teachers.  High school started operating in the year 1990.

Presently, there are over 1,000 students enrolled in pre-school through twelfth grade, and the school faculty has grown up to over 80 teachers along with teacher aides. Proudly, the school has had by this time 19 graduating classes and we have already seen the success of the students who obtain their college degrees in Honduran, American, and other international universities.  Many of them have also finished their master’s degree.

The current elementary and high school location was established in January of 1996 and is comprised of a 23 acre campus. The facilities include an administration building, media center, chapel, elementary building, high school building, library, six basketball courts,  two volleyball courts, two computer labs, two multipurpose gymnasiums, and one soccer field.

The name of the school has a special meaning, it unites the first letters of Mary and Christ in the Spanish language: Maria y Cristo.  Our school symbol is made of the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, and to the right of these letters, there is a cross.  The meaning of our emblem is ¨Beginning and Ending in Christ¨.


Core Values

As a school community, through our daily actions, we firmly live by the following core values:

Love of God




National Identity


Each month students engage in activities that promote the core values of our school.  For example, there are daily prayers and monthly Eucharistic celebrations to foster Love of God.  Students participate in assemblies that build civic responsibility weekly in elementary school and bi-monthly in high school.  These are but a few of the tangible examples of how we live by our core values.

“Values serve as guides to action.”
(Kouzes & Posner, 2007)


At Macris School we seek to develop students of integrity who are prepared both academically and spiritually to excel in higher education and to be lifelong learners and leaders of positive change.

Alumni Goals

At the end of their Macris High School educational career, students will:

– Achieve competency in both English and Spanish to perform well in an academic and social environment.

– Develop critical thinking, analyzing, and problem solving skills.

– Develop their creativity and ability for personal expression.

– Appreciate, contribute, and participate in the arts.

– Make their own informed decisions.

– Accept, appreciate, and embrace human differences and cultural diversity.

– Gain proficiency in the use of technology to help facilitate the learning process and improve communication while learning how to be responsible with it.

– Demonstrate their awareness and appreciation of the environment through their everyday actions.

– Become independent learners who exemplify a love of learning and demonstrate intellectual curiosity.

– Develop intra and interpersonal skills to grow as functional and contributing individuals in a society.

– Make sound decisions based on ethics and Catholic values for the benefit of their family, community, and country.

– Become contributing members of their community by applying the knowledge and skills to help improve the conditions of their country.


Macris School has a campus which totals approximately 23 acres. The facilities include:

– Separate Elementary and High School Buildings with their own Athletic Areas.

– Chapel

– 2 Computer Labs

– 1 Multimedia Room

– Science Laboratory

– Library

– Cafeteria

– Soccer field (Grass)

– Soccer Courts (Pavement)

– 3 Volleyball Courts

– 3 Basketball Courts (14 Basketball Hoops)

– 2 Large Outdoor Gymnasiums

– Ample Parking Lot

– 24 Hour Security