Welcome and thank you for your interest in Macris School!

Macris School has worked diligently to provide its students with an exceptional education that prepares them to be leaders.  Starting in 1975 with a kindergarten and slowly building the school grade by grade, Macris has earned the reputation of academic excellence and has demonstrated that students graduate well-prepared to attend college and become successful young adults.

Macris is a college preparatory academic program, grades K-12.  Students graduate with a ‘Título de Bachilleres en Ciencia y Letras’ and an internationally recognized High School Diploma.  Our goal is to help students thrive abroad and locally once they graduate, and we offer opportunities for students to be prepared for SATs, AP exams, and for the application process to help them obtain financial aid to universities abroad.

Currently, we see our alumni thrive everywhere, from Argentina to Taiwan and the United States. Macris holds a strong running record of student achievements, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of our graduates.

Students who are accepted to our school are welcomed to our family with open arms, and can look forward to lots of support from classmates and staff. We have special programs that make sure new students already have a friend at school before the year begins, which permits them to feel more at ease amidst so many changes.

If you are interested in applying to Macris, please read further for dates and more information.


Ana Rocio Merriam Ed. M,
Elementary School Principal
Admissions Director
Macris School

1st Through 12th Grade Applicants


All applicants must present documents (see below for more information), be interviewed, and pass our entrance exam which is administered according to grade level.

**If you are interested in enrolling your child to our Kindergarten, please get in touch with them at 2270-9430 or find out more about them at .

Documents to Present

If you are Honduran:

1. For first grade applicants: the original certificate of Kindergarten.

2. Second through twelfth grade applicants: the transfer documents indicating ‘RNE’ and Certification of Studies from all of the previous grades.

3. Behavioral Records from previous school.

4. Solvency Records on official letterhead from previous school attended.

If you are Honduran and/or an international student who attended a school outside of Honduras:

• If student is Honduran- original birth certificate.
• If student is foreign:  original birth certificate with apostille and if it is in another language, please include an official translation.
• Grades earned with apostille, and if it is in another language (other than English or Spanish), please include an official translation.
• A letter of recommendation from previous school describing applicant’s qualities.

Steps to begin admission process:

• Fill out the admissions application form (email or to obtain copy)
• Pass our entrance exam (please contact our office at to schedule a date)
• On the day of the entrance exam, there will be a parent and student interview.

Tuition information

Tuition costs change on a year to year basis. Please contact the school directly to find out this year’s rates.

There is an enrollment fee, which reserves the student’s place in his or her grade, followed by the monthly tuition fees. Tuition cost is determined on a year to year basis according to the country’s cost of living.

The monthly tuition excludes the cost of transportation which is optional, and paid by use only.

For more information regarding costs, please contact