Enrichment Activities

At Macris School we believe in not only educating the student to become successful in the academic arena, but also to become well-rounded, value-oriented individuals who become contributing members of society. As a result we have and continue to add enrichment activities with the intention of meeting the diverse interests of our students.


Debate Club | Grades 7 - 12

The debate club is run by students and supervised by teachers. The club helps students develop research skills and strengthens one’s ability to make and support arguments all while working on oral language skills. Students can participate in debates in either Spanish or English.

Knowledge Bowl | Grades 7 - 12

The Knowledge Bowl Club is one of the most enthusiastic clubs at Macris. It is open to all students that are willingly to participate in a yearly thrilling adventure, the National Knowledge Bowl Contest, where they have the opportunity to demonstrate their broad knowledge in a variety of topics, including worldwide current events. We need avid readers, and students who are always one step ahead in obtaining information on every important event and discovery that takes place in our world. The club meets 3-4 times a week starting at the beginning of the year until the official competition that takes place by January-February.

Math Club | Grades 7 - 12

The math club is open to all students. It is designed to enrich the understanding of mathematics as a single entity, and to prepare students for the yearly Math Olympics in May. We work on solving non-routine problems that build connections to all areas of math and enhance understanding and skills in each specific math subject. The only requisite is to have a positive attitude towards learning and doing more math. The math club meets after school with increasing frequency as we get closer to May.

Language Arts | Grades 7 - 12

Spelling Bee Competition

Every year students are selected by participating in a series of spelling bee rounds. The chosen student will represent the school in a local tournament (grades 7-12) and the Association of Bilingual Schools (ABSH) national tournament (grades 7 & 8).

Speech Competition

Students are selected by their teacher through an evaluation of their writing and speech delivery abilities. The selected students will represent the school at the ABSH national tournament and consists of two representatives (one who gives a speech in English and the other in Spanish) for 6th& 7th grade, 9th & 10th grade, and 11th and 12th grades.

Yearbook | Grades 7 - 12

The yearbook club’s mission is to capture, both visually and narratively, memorable Macris moments throughout the school year. The club requires a serious commitment on behalf of students requiring them to stay afternoons and work on the project during some weekends. There are a variety of roles for students to participate (i.e. photographer, section editor, senior editor, writer, etc.), but some are reserved only for upperclassmen such as senior editor for 11th and 12th graders.


Art Club | Grades 7 - 12

The Art Club is open to any Macris student who wants to expand his/her knowledge in the field of fine arts. We work in different techniques and media the student wishes to improve, some examples are oil and acrylic painting, mixed media, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, and ink. The club meets year round. We do expositions, participate in competitions, and help the community. The requirements for the students are to pass a small artistic skills test, attend every workshop offered by the club, offer skills to support the school in any activities, practice regularly, build an artfolio, attend club meetings, exhibit discipline and demonstrate a positive attitude.


Basketball | Grades 7 - 12

Basketball is our second most popular sport and three categories of teams for the various age groups divided by boys and girls. Students compete informally at a local level and our school can inscribe in the annual ABSH basketball tournament, which typically takes place during the third weekend in November.

Jiu Jitsu | Grades 7 - 12

The Jiu-Jitsu club is open to all students and meets twice per week throughout the whole school year. The major focus of the club is for students to learn how to defend themselves against attacks in real-life situations. Additionally, students will learn about and improve their personal fitness levels while having the opportunity to meet other students across grades and gender. Belt promotions are granted to those students who attend regularly and demonstrate a strong command of their belt techniques.

Soccer | Grades 7 - 12

Soccer is our most popular sport and includes teams for three categories of teams for the various age groups as divided by boys and girls. Teams practice four times a week after school and they participate in a local tournament that leads up to the ABSH National Tournament.

Lift | Grades 7 - 12

Lift is the name of our cheer leading club, which started in the 2012-2013 academic year. With great pride our girls have been lifting spirits and each other since then.


Angels Against Cancer | Grades 7 - 12

The Macris School Kids against Cancer club works with “La Fundación de Niños con Cáncer” and they organize fundraising activities throughout the year to donate to the foundation. Additionally, students visit the hospital at least once a month on Saturday to meet the children (this is only with parent permission and transportation).

Helping Hands | Grades 7 - 12

Helping Hands is a volunteer club whose mission is to help service those in need in Honduras. Some of the previous activities have been to collect food for the poor during the holiday season, donate and distribute Christmas presents, and provide funds to help a family build their own house.

Operation Smile | Grades 9 - 12

In our country and in the world, many children are born with cleft palate. Our mission is to give a smile to the children born with this special condition, by means of awareness campaigns, medical brigade support. Students involved in the club will participate in fundraising activities and will volunteer when medical brigades visit the country.

Relay for Life | Grades 9 - 12

Relay for Life is a community service club. We work with Relay for Life, Honduras Fundraising to provide medical treatment for cancer patients. Once a year we participate, as a Macris Family, in a walk sponsored by Relay for Life, Honduras. This club is open to all high school students. The only requirement is to actively participate in the fundraising activities.

Shoeing Honduras | Grades 7 - 12

Shoeing Honduras is a fairly new club that was started by a Macris student. It is a community service club that organizes the collection and distribution of sneakers and shoes to less fortunate children. There are several collections and events to distribute these shoes throughout the school year.


Band | Grades 10 - 12

The marching band Macris is one of the most characteristic clubs of our school. Its objective is develop the musical skills of the students playing instruments and raises the national spirit, accompanying the Independence parade on September. This group is available for 9th graders with an average of more than 85% and with musical aptitude after trials in order to get the best students with the optimal performance. The selection of these students is carried out on May of Ninth grade.

Choir | Grades 7 - 12

The polyphonic choir is a group that has many activities in our school accompanying Masses, special celebrations, music festivals and Christmas programs. These works have been done with a great success maintaining the first place in ABSH music festival for many years and being a reference for the rest of the school choirs of the ABSH school members and also participating in several TV programs. This group is open for any Macris student that enjoy singing and with a great spirit of service and sacrifice because we practice during most of the recess. All the choir members enjoy a lot the practices and with time they get used to.

Drama Club | Grades 7 - 12

The Drama Club helps contribute to the development of the arts at our school. Students usually write and perform one to two plays a year. In the past they have performed at the ABSH Talent Show as well as the Annual Anti-Bullying awareness day. Some of the benefits of drama club are the building up of self-esteem and meeting new classmates. Classes meet after school two days a week from 1:30 to 3:00pm.


Anti-Bullying Club | Grades 7 - 12

Here at Macris School we strive to make our school climate a place where everyone is welcome and feels safe. Every year for the past several years, we have been organizing yearly activities to raise awareness about bullying and have administered school climate surveys to our students. The objective of this club is to give students a venue to help plan and implement yearly activities that raise awareness about bullying and seek ways to eradicate it.

Ecology Club | Grades 7 - 12

The ecology club is open to any Macris student who wishes to participate. The club has the purpose to create an environmental consciousness among students. This will be achieved by focusing on the three R`s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Inside the school the members recycle paper, reduce the consumption of electricity by turning off the lights and fans at recess, and try to recycle plastic bottles.