Equipo Macris rumbo a Mathcounts Monterrey Mexico

Macris stands out in international competition MATHCOUNTS in Mexico

The catracho pride exceeds borders!

Due to the outstanding performance of Macris in the Mathcounts Chapter Competition in El Salvador we were invited to participate on March 8 and 9, 2018 in the Mathcounts State Competition to be held in Monterrey, Mexico. How exciting!

In this event, 8 students accompanied by 2 teacher coaches, had the opportunity to participate and represent us in the international competition:

  • Eroz Guerrero 5°
  • Omar Suazo 6°
  • Yael Sierra 6°
  • Andrea Chávez 6°
  • María F. Torres 7°
  • Ricardo García 7°
  • Valeria Pineda 7°
  • Ezra Guerrero 8°


  • Mr. Daniel Guerrero
  • Mrs. Marisol Bocanegra
Macris Mathcounts Monterrey Mexico

After two days of competition in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, our Math Team achieved excellent results:

  • Ezra Guerrero (8vo. Grado) achieved First Place in the individual international level (170 participants).
  • As a team, Macris achieved second place at an international level (19 participating schools from 4 countries).

We congratulate all the members of our Math Team and their coaches for their effort and outstanding participation, exalting the name of Honduras internationally.

¡Macris representing Honduras’ five stars in México!

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