French courses of the Alianza Francesa in Macris

French courses of the Alianza Francesa in Macris

As part of the new extracurricular activities for this school year 2019-2020, Macris joins the Alianza Francesa to offer French courses, to learn a new language at school. Available for students in grades 5-6, we share the details here:

Registration period: August 20 to September 14, 2019

Start date: Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Cost: L 4,800 (Registration + classes + books) or two payments of L 2,400 (1st installment when enrolling, 2nd halfway through the course, beginning of October) ** Minimum of 5 students (Refund in case of not reaching the minimum of students) **

  • Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 2:45 P.M. – 4:15 P.M.
  • Course duration: 16 weeks (3 hours per week).
  • Registration and payment is made directly at the offices of the French Alliance (TGU – Tel. 2221-1692 / 2221-4529).
  • Present proof of payment at the Primary Management offices.
  • Enrolled students have access to French Media Library and free events held at the French Alliance.
  • During the period of partial exams there will be no French course.
  • Parents should pick up their children at the time of leaving the course at school, on time.

For more information contact us at

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