Macris excels in STEM First Lego League competition

Macris excels in STEM First Lego League competition

On February 9 in the city of San Pedro Sula, the first national competition “First Lego League” was held were our Robotics Club participated with their Team M.E.C.H by Macris. Our students participated in 4 areas with different challenges for each area.

The first area was called Core Values or Fundamental Values, where values such as teamwork, cordial professionalism and inspiration were evaluated. The students presented an example of how they lived these values throughout the training and during the competition.

The second area was a scientific project, researching and presenting a solution to a psychological or physical problem that could affect an astronaut in the space station. Our robotics team chose to build a hydroponic vegetable, to solve the food problem of astronauts in space. The team made its presentation by means of a dramatization in which each member represented a member of the space mission. It is worth mentioning that they received an award mention for their research and for building a prototype.

In the third area, the mechanical design of the robot created and built by the team was evaluated. The members explained the design and engineering process of the robot and the programming that allowed it to execute the challenges in the 4th stage. In this area, they received mention of robot design award and programming.

In the 4th and last stage, the robot was put to the test solving the challenges of the Robot Game. The team members maintained their spirit of competence, teamwork, and cordial professionalism, to the maximum, when interacting with the other teams and when solving the challenges.

Also competing in the FIRST Lego League Honduras was our sixth grade student, Enzo Guerrero as a part of the Milky Way team, who won 2nd place overall with their innovating project Planetarium, which consisted of a box powered by blue LED lights that substituted solar light and caused photosynthesis, allowing the astronaut to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Eroz and his team will be moving on to participate in the International First Lego League that will be held in the month of May in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. In this edition, the challenge is INTO ORBIT where the equipment will be transported to space developing a scientific project and carrying out the programming and design of a robot. The participants must use all their creativity and design an innovative solution that solves a real problem related to the proposed theme.

Congratulations to our Robotics team, Team M.E.C.H. by Macris, and to our student Eroz, member of Milky Way, who will represent Honduras with the Planetarium Project!

Team M.E.C.H  by Macris Awards:

  1. Best Robot Design
  2. Programming Mention

Team Milky Way Awards (Member: Eroz Guerrero -6th grade)

  1. 2nd place overall, FIRST Lego League Honduras

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