Roberto Sauceda, one of our four students awarded full scholarship to study in Taiwan

Roberto Sauceda, one of our four students awarded full scholarship to study in Taiwan

Determined, responsible and with well-defined goals, Roberto Sauceda, a graduate student of our class 2018, was one of the four distinguished Macris alumni selected to receive the MOFA Taiwan Scholarship, thus obtaining a full scholarship for their undergraduate studies in Taiwan, which includes 1 year of Mandarin language studies and four years of university studies.

With his sights set on chemical engineering or actuarial sciences as his career options, Roberto is preparing to travel to Taiwan in the coming weeks, where he’ll begin his first year focused on learning the language. Prior to this, he sat down with us to share about his application process and the advice he would like to offer students interested in this scholarship.

Where did your interest in pursuing your bachelors in Taiwan come from?

I always had some knowledge of scholarship opportunities in Taiwan, but I didn’t really know what kind of scholarships they were and whether they were through the universities or a specific program. As my senior year approached, I began to see it as a real option and decided to express my interest in pursuing this option with our College Counselor, to get more information. Then, during a scheduled talk at our school about Taiwan scholarships’, a former student from the school visited us and told us about his current college experience in Taiwan, encouraging and giving us more information about where we could approach to start the process. 

How would you describe the admission process to students interested in applying to Taiwan?

Right from the beginning, it was very demanding, they requested prior admission to the language center for the autumn period, three letters of recommendation, a one-page essay, as well as transcripts and TOEFL results. For the admission process, we started around 800 applicants, of which 80 were selected to move on to the second stage of interviews. Having completed this stage of the interview, 23 of us were selected in total to obtain the full scholarship. No doubt it was a long process, quite rigorous and meticulous, with several moments of uncertainty but at the end totally worth it. You definitely have to be sure of yourself and confident in your abilities.

What tools or resources helped you in your process?

I think it’s very important to do your research, read well and empower yourself with every step of the process so that you can stand on your own and feel the satisfaction of achieving this through your own efforts. All the application resources are online, available and accessible to all, it’s just a matter of researching and making sure that you read all the requirements in detail since there’s a lot of misinformation.

What advice would you give to someone interested in applying for this type of scholarship?

For this type of admission process, I feel one has to be focused and determined. For the interview stage in particular, it’s important to give it your all, look to give the best possible impression and be sure of what you want. I’ll always remember very fondly when I was in school and I attended my first lecture of a visiting university from abroad, it was the first time I actually felt interest in studying abroad and it was from there on that I began to change my ways of being, really maturing and focusing all of my efforts in achieving that.

 What are your plans for the future?

I’ve always had interest in chemical engineering or actuarial sciences as majors but still wasn’t sure which one I’d choose. It was until not long ago, during my senior year that I felt more inclined towards actuarial sciences, although it’s a career that does not exist in Honduras. Currently in the country, there are only 8 actuaries so I am very interested in possibly entering this career, so that in the future I can return to the country and promote it here.

Along with Roberto, three of our students, Oscar Fúnez, Emilio Murillo and Sebastián Murcia were also awarded the MOFA Taiwan scholarship to carry out their undergraduate studies in this country. We congratulate these students and their parents for their great effort, we’re sure they’ll put Honduras’ name up high!

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