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Guiding Principles

Learning at Macris

Learning is the lifelong, reflective and constantly changing, human process of assimilating and accommodating acquired information through experience and dynamically transforming it into competencies such as knowledge, behavior, skills, and values. 

Guiding Principles

Holistic Guiding Principles

  • As a Catholic school we believe in weaving Catholic traditions and values into our daily practice.  Keeping with the principles of Catholicism as well, we welcome individuals of all faiths and traditions into our school community. 
  • We believe that the purpose of schooling is to create a safe and positive environment, conducive to learning, in which students develop the knowledge, competencies, and values necessary to be contributing members of their community. 
  • We believe in the importance of progress and transformation.  Change is viewed as constant and necessary for growth, making our school a culture that works diligently to embrace. 
  • We believe in accepting, appreciating and embracing human differences and cultural diversity. 
  • We believe that the integrity of the student as an individual should be our first priority and therefore, we believe in developing balanced students, considering the development of their cognitive abilities as well as their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • We believe that throughout our daily actions, our team of teachers, counselors, administrators and staff should work together to ensure that our pinnacle values are practiced. We believe that these are especially important for guiding student learning experiences. 
  • We believe in our community members giving and receiving criticism; knowing to reflect on it for the purpose of improving ourselves and our surroundings.
  • We believe in preparing and equipping lifelong learners, and therefore in encouraging student actions to go beyond the core curriculum into continuously seeking learning opportunities for themselves, as a means to grow. 

Macris and the Community Guiding Principles

  • We believe that one of the purposes of schooling is to better society; so we foster opportunities for students to be leaders of positive change. 
  • We believe that we should always be positive influencers in our communities. 
  • We believe in actively seeking opportunities for our students to help others, at a local, national, or international level. 
  • We believe in creating a more sustainable future for our students making it important to provide experiences and opportunities for students to develop a love and respect for their environment. 
  • We believe that the well-being and formation of our students is shaped by the integral working relationship between the administration, faculty, students, parents and staff. Therefore, we believe practicing fluid communication among all constituents. 
  • As a school, we believe in the importance of developing soft skills such as  interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills by incorporating related tasks within the curriculum. 
  • We believe that the improvement of the environment and humanity is a driving goal for our actions. 

Academic Guiding Principles

  • We believe that the role of the teacher is to design learning experiences that incorporate knowledge and competencies with the student in mind.  As a result, teachers motivate students to make their own discoveries in the learning process.
  • Whereas we believe there is a body of knowledge that  students need to be well-versed in, we also believe in facilitating student-driven learning experiences, so they can pursue their passions and interests in higher education and beyond.
  • We believe that student learning needs to be assessed in a variety of ways to reflect student abilities and interests. 
  • We believe in the value of authentic and experiential learning, and therefore, strive to provide an enriching learning environment including interdisciplinary projects, which encourage creativity and divergent thinking.  
  • We understand the growing importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), and consequently we strive to provide enriching learning opportunities within our curriculum.
  • We believe that the learning process is a cycle of learning and growth and we foster confidence and a growth mindset so that students understand that continuous efforts bring results. 
  • Considering the high-speed pace of technology and information in this age, we believe in constantly reevaluating our curriculum and methodologies to ensure best practices are consistently being employed for the betterment of our students.