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Spiritual Development

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As the size of the After School Program grows, more electives will be available, if parents would like to recommend any electives their feedback is always welcome!

Academic Enrichment Program

Spelling Bee

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After School Program

Our After School Program was designed to help parents by offering their children a safe environment to work on their homework with the guidance of a bilingual teacher, and also permitting them to pick an activity of their choice that would allow them to hone their athletic skills, artistic abilities, or learn a third language. Below is a breakdown of the after school program.

Offered only Monday through Thursday.

Time is from the end of the school day at 2:45 until 5:00.

At 2:45 pm students meet at the cafeteria for a quick break.

At 3:00 pm students do their homework with the supervision of a bilingual teacher.

At 4:00 pm students go to their respective elective, a choice between Sports, and Art.

At 5:00 pm students wait at pick up area with supervisor for parents.