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Elementary Program

Welcome to elementary school!

We are a vibrant, happy, and welcoming community!

Elementary school provides the necessary building blocks for students to be prepared to continue their academic journey to high school.  Students learn to read and write in both English and Spanish with the majority of their classes taught in English.  

  • Classes are typically divided into three sections 
  • Each class has a homeroom teacher
  • First and second grade classrooms have teacher assistants
  • There are specialists for music, Spanish, technology, math (5th and 6th grades)

Green Curriculum

Learning to love, appreciate, and care for our environment!

Honduras is known for its natural resources including the serene Caribbean sea to the north and the striking sunsets to the South overlooking the Pacific.  Home to rainforests and diverse species of plants and animals, there is so much to learn from and to care for when it comes to the environment.  Macris School embraces this notion and teaches students about tree and plant species and the different grade levels are tasked with different experiential activities that help students connect with their environment.

School Ambassadors

Fomenting leaders!

We believe that it is important to teach “soft skills” to students such as how to interact with one another and people of all ages.  Students have the opportunity to be morning greets in which they stand by the school entrances and greet all of the community as they arrive.  They participate in speech competitions to strengthen their public speaking skills and every year we organize an Amazing Shake (like the RCA one in Atlanta, GA) in which students partake in a multi-day event requiring them to think on their toes and interact well with others.  Finalists have the chance to attend the RCA annual competition in Georgia.