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Teacher Resources

Platforms and Support

At Macris School we harness the power of technology to facilitate communication, teaching, and learning.  As a result, we have a variety of platforms that students, parents, parents and teachers can use for various purposes.  Click on the icons below to access the platform websites.

University and Career Guidance

  • Track students' vocational and university processes
  • Upload teacher recommendation letters
  • Send electronic documents

Online Library System

  • Access our library catalog system
  • Borrow digital books

Macris Backoffice System

  • Request classroom suppplies
  • Report maintenance issues

Standardized Math and Reading Test

  • Assess student growth
  • Track student learning
  • Compare school growth with U.S. and other countries

Leveled Reading Program

  • Assess student reading levels
  • Assign readings to students
  • Track student reading level progress

Student Information System

  • Input student grades
  • Take class attendance
  • Email parents and students

Curriculum Management System

  • Write and share curriculum units
  • Track standards
  • Analyze horizontal and vertical curriculum
Teacher Evaluation Platform

Vector Evaluations+

  • Document professional development
  • Document classroom visits
  • Complete evaluation forms


  • Dismissal information
  • Bus attendance
  • Parent notifications

Platform Support

  • RenWeb Tutorials
  • Toddle Tutorials
  • Vector Solutions Tutorials