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Learning at Macris

Learning at Macris

Macris works with the Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) to guide our teaching and learning methodology and curriculum development.  Part of this work is having clarity in what learning means, which facilitates the learning process for our community.

We define learning as a process that leads to a sustained and demonstrable consolidation or extension of CONCEPTUAL understanding, COMPETENCIES and/or CHARACTER.

Principles guide our daily actions, they supercede rules, they shape our actions, and they unite our community in addition to our values. As a commitment to our learning and teaching process, our faculty use the following principles to guide their teaching:

Learning Principles


We learn by making connections, with our prior knowledge,  across disciplines and between our school and authentic real-world contexts. Learning transfer happens best in rich, relevant contexts. The number and strength of connections we make will impact the quality of our enduring understandings.

The OWNERSHIP Principle

Everyone has the capability to learn how to learn effectively, and it is both their right and responsibility to take ownership of their learning journey. We encourage and empower students to advocate for themselves, fostering the development of independence and self-reliance as learners.

The PEOPLE Principle

We believe that relationships are the most powerful influencer of learner success. Learning is not only cognitive, it is also a deeply personal, social, and emotional process.

The PURPOSE Principle

We all seek to make sense of things.  Learning is a process of making meaning and must be driven by clear, intentional purpose.  Learners are more engaged when they are convinced by “the why.”

The WONDER Principle

We are naturally curious and playful. We learn through a lifelong process of wondering, discovering, reflecting, finding patterns and then inquiring further.