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The Re-enrollment Process

The re-enrollment process is completed annually for returning students.  Parents will be requested to update demographic and medical information, review and sign contracts, and make any necessary payments to reserve their child’s spot for the next school year.  The re-enrollment period begins in May and although parents can complete it throughout the summer, it is recommended that they finish it by June to guarantee a spot, maintain elective requests in high school, etc.

This process may be completed in person or online, whichever is most convenient for you.  Review the online re-enrollment steps below and this instructional guide (click here). If you need additional help, you can email or check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Reminder:  In order to register and enroll your child for the next school year, you need to be up-to-date with tuition payments (or no more than two months behind).  If there is a financial situation that you wish to consult with the administration, please go to the following form and fill out a request click here).


Access the online enrollment system

Click here to access the system and remember you will need to use your child’s RenWeb ID (not SIE ID), which are emailed to you.  If you haven’t received an email or need help obtaining your child’s RenWeb ID, email


Update student/family data

Please review the demographic and medical information carefully and submit any updates.  The accuracy of this information is needed for the Secretary of Education, for the printing of important documents, and for contacting you.


Review request for transportation

Currently, our bus service is suspended.  Should it be reactivated, we need to know if you will be requesting bus service.  Remember bus space is limited and is an additional cost.  You can select that you do not require transportation.


Select your preferred payment plan

There are options for how you wish to distribute registration and tuition payments over set quantities of months.  


Review your email for the digital contract link

You will receive an email with a link to your digital contract, which you can review and sign online.


Enrollment and tuition payment plan

You will receive an email from the accounting department with a link to your registration and tuition payment plan contract, which you will sign digitally.  Once you have signed all required documents and have made your payments, you will receive an email confirming your child is officially enrolled for the next school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my child's RenWeb ID number and where do I locate it?

RenWeb is our student information system.  You will need your child’s RenWeb ID number and your email address registered with the school to access your account.  You should have received it in an email.  If you are unable to locate it, you may contact

Do I need to complete my re-enrollment online?

No.  Online enrollment is an option we offer to our parents, but you are welcome to complete the process on campus.

What is the Macris account information for tuition payments via bank transfers?

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