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Ian H. Merriam Library

Building a community of readers!

Our library is a vibrant space that has student-friendly furniture, a colorful mural painted by students and staff, and a welcoming librarian.  Elementary students receive weekly classes and all students are welcome to visit the library during breaks/lunches where they can access computers, play a board game with a classmate, or check out some books.  Students have access to over 6,000 physical/digital books.


Building a community of innovators!

We believe in the importance of students applying their learning to real life problems and developing solutions through trial and error.  As a result, we have been in the process of developing our very own Makerspace to help facilitate transdisciplinary thinking and applying technology to help innovate solutions.  Currently, we have a temporary space designated for this endeavor, which houses the office of our technology integration specialist, official sized Lego robotic tables, technology such as piper computer kits, raspberry pi technology, and our first 3D printer. 

Future Learning Center


In 2019 we built our lecture hall, which is phase one of a two part project.  The lecture hall is the foundation of our future Learning Center. The construction for the Learning Center began in June of 2023 and is scheduled to conclude around the end of the 2023-2024 school year. These pictures are not final designs.